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Cathedral mosque Meskita

Cathedral mosque Meskita

Mesquite is one of the main monuments of the architecture of the Middle Ages in Cordove, and in Andalusia Glory Mesquets is inferior only to Alhambre. This is the Moorish Cathedral Mosque, towering in the city center. One of the 45 World Heritage Heritage Objects (UNESCO List) in Spain, recognized as Takov in 1984.

The uniqueness of this attraction is that it was originally a Roman temple of God Janus, then became the Westgoth Church, then Muslims made a mosque from her, personifying the power of Islam on the Pyrenean Peninsula. Christians alone her in the Catholic Cathedral. The appearance of the Mesquites changed with the course of history, and the echoes of different eras in appearance and the inner decoration can now see each tourist.

Mesquite is beautiful, she does not cease to cause admiration for visitors to architectural finds and decor (a general view can be seen in the photo on the right, click on the photo to enlarge). Cathedral inside the mosque – a kaleidoscope from gothic, baroque and renaissance elements of architecture.

The main throne and the departments are decorated with a pink marble and a red tree. Special attention deserves the treasury of the cathedral in the Chair of the Kapitula. Among its exhibits, the work of Enrique de Horpo is standing out – Daronti and nine statues of Saints Alonso Kano.

Worthy of admiration and new mihrab. A branched interlacing of geometric and flower ornament is complemented by Arabic rows from the Quran. The Grand Prayer Hall of the Eleven Meetime is stunned by the number of columns (856) from granite, marble and jasper. Muslim builders’ masterpiece has become a prayer room (Maxura): mosaic from pink and blue marble – a gift of emperor of Byzantium, a variety of architectural elements, rich patterns.

In the temple there is a royal chapel in which Ferdinand IV and Alfonso XI Castilsky rest. It is called Mudjhar style sample.

At the top of the sixtieth meter bell tower Torre de Alminar rises the statue of the holy intercession of Cordoba – Archangel Rafail (on the photo on the left).

Another meskite decoration is an orange courtyard, a centuries-old monument of garden art. The antiquity of his "green inhabitants" amazes: the palm trees of the 13th century, the orange trees – the 15th century, the cypresses and the olive trees settled here in the 17th century.

There is a visit and chapel Cardinal Salasar, in which there is a collection of original products from silver and ivory. Mesquite call the "stone wonderful forest of the Moors". Walk through this "Forest" will be an amazing journey in the ancient history of Cordoba.

How to get

The roads are laid from Cords to all the large cities of Andalusia. In Cordoba there is a railway and the motorway is laid. Airports in International Messages in the nearby cities: Seville (140 km), Malaga (160 km).

Choosing this or that means of movement, take into account the trip time and its cost. And now more about routes.

Madrid Cordova. Train get from one and a half to two hours. They follow almost every hour. Landing make a station in Madrid "MADRID-PUERTA DE ATOCHA". Train charges you to the station "Cordoba Central". Choosing movement by bus, you risk spending four and a half hours. Riding a car for 5 hours, while the fuel spend 60 euros (and this is an approximate figure).

Barcelona-Cordova. From station "Barcelona Sants" in Barcelona to Cordoba train to go a little more than 4 hours. Trains follow every hour. Half a day will go on the road, if you select a bus (about 13 hours). On a personal car or rented 9 hours and more than 140 euros on fuel.

From Seville and Malaga high-speed train Domchit you for 50-60 minutes. Seville-Cordova bus service will last more than 2 hours. So much spend time and travel by car. From Malaga bus rides for more than 3 hours, they will get on the car in 2 hours.

In Spain, a high speed trains are well developed. As already clear from the numbers, the "speeds" is no doubt being the most convenient way to move around the country. Read our article "Trains in Spain".

In the Cordove itself, bus routes 03 and 12 will take you to the Meskita, you need to go to stop "Puerta del Puente".

Inexpensive way to expensive place (ticket prices and transport)

The road in Mesquite will cost more than her visit. From Madrid to Cordovoy a train ticket costs about 50 euros, about 22 euros.

From Barcelona, ​​the trip will cost more: by train – about 110 euros, by bus – 60 euros. By the way, the most expensive tickets in June and July.

From Seville and Malaga, getting in the train, spend about 29 euros, by bus – 19-22 euros.

Visiting Meskites – Pleasure inexpensive. Adult entrance – 11 euros, for children 10-14 years old – 6 euros. If you travel yourself (for a group visit, this option does not fit), then you will have the opportunity from 8:30 to 9:30 to go to the Meskita for free. There are evening visits to the Cathedral. A ticket for such an excursion is already 18 euros. Separately bought a ticket to the bell tower. It will cost 2 euros.

Unfortunately, the official website of the Meskita does not sell tickets. On the Internet there are many sites selling excursion services, and many tourists are confused. In the photo on the left screenshot of this site offering a tour with a minimum price of 37 EUR.

Remember that inexpensive tickets from 11 EUR for adult visitor sold on site. On the Internet you can only enable excursion service, which will cost much more expensive.

When Mesquite is waiting for guests (opening hours)

Mesquite is waiting for visitors all days of the week, except Sunday, from 10 am to 7 pm. From November to February, the work time is reduced to 6 pm. The bell tower is closed for tourists from 13:30 to 16:00.

"The knowledge of infinity requires infinite time" (how much time plan)

"Clinging to the eye" for one element of the decor, there they also find the next no less interesting, there is a real chain reaction. And so you have already frozen in one place, because you want to consider everything to the smallest details, and there are even debt!

To explore the whole of the Meskit, one day is not enough, but we advise you not even be upset about this. Choose several basic objects to visit and enjoy them. Or trust your choice guide.

Mesquite – the story of the transformation of the mosque in the cathedral

Nowadays, Cordic Mosque or Mesquite is a Roman Catholic Cathedral, built in Cordoba (Andalusia). In the Middle Ages, she ranked second in the world largest. One of the monuments of the kind of Omeyadov. The history of the Mesquis begins in 600, when Westges build the Church of Vikentia Saragossky. Then the church is rebuilt into the mosque. In 711, the construction was destroyed.

Emir Abderrahman I in 784 redeems the land in the previous owners and builds a mosque as a sign of respect for his wife. The mosque was part of the palace.

In subsequent years, each ruler tried to add something or change the attractions in architecture. Abderrahman III creates a new minaret, al-Khaka II makes richer Michrab and significantly increases the construction (961 years), adding the third Mihrab and Maxour. Almorz also attached his hand to the reconstruction of the mosque (987 year), adding 8 additional aisles along the building.

Territories of rulers make a mosque unsurpassed by beauty in the city, and the mosques in Cordove numbered about a thousand! Double arches were innovation in architecture, high ceilings, decoration of gilding prayer niches, tiles in the shape of stars on the dome, columns from expensive varieties of stone strike gaze wealth and beauty, causing admire the skill of builders.

When the Maurians were expelled from Cordoba, Ferdinand III Castilsky (on the picture on the left) in 1236 gives an order to remake the mosque to Church Christians: the 19 doors are closed into the courtyard, Chapels are being built, Capells are built, from the minaret make a bell tower.

Almost do not change the Spanish kings mosque, only Alfonso X builds a chapel of Villavicios. But a factor with climbing the throne of Karl V, which approved the decision of the archbishop Alonso Manrique about the construction inside the mosque of the cathedral of huge sizes. Despite the protests of the city council of Cordoba, the construction began in 1523. The innovation in the architecture of the mosque did not impress the king, but, on the contrary, led to a disorder. He realized that he destroyed what is no longer in the world.

In 1599, the Cathedral was ready for operation, the restructuring of a minaret begins.

Currently, Mesquite is the Cordon Cathedral Cathedral. This is a shrine of several cultures at once, the main church of the Diocese.

Blinding eyes beauty (what to watch)

Cathedral mosque Meskita

Even a fleece view on this or that element of the architecture of Meskita will detain your gaze on it for a few minutes. Where to direct your eyes for contemplating the cathedral mosque? In addition to the above, we can add.

Choir for red-tree singers – a product of filigree art. They demonstrate scenes from the Old and New Testament, from the life of Christ, Virgin Mary, Holy Cordoba.

The cathedral was covered with drops, since rich patrons participating in the reconstruction and sponsoring the current state of the cathedral were gifted by family chalicles.

Do not miss the chapel of the immaculate conception: there is a doubtant of the body of Jesus "Arpet Arpel" (the name she received on behalf of the author Enrique Harp, who created this masterpiece for 6 years, from 1510 to 1516). Its height is more than 2 meters, it has the form of the Gothic Cathedral, made of gold and silver. From 1518 on the day of the body of the Lord, it is taken out for the procession in the procession.

Treasury Mesquite accommodates a collection of objects for rituals during the great holidays and processions. Bowls, crosses, dishes, decorated with expensive stones, Bishop’s personal belongings worthy of contemplation.

Put intimation in the orange courtyard at fountains intended for this rite.

Visit the extended in Mesque exhibition "Teno and sacred art", Here are the works of the famous Aurelio Teno – the compound of silver, enamel and other minerals in a single whole.

If you look at at least the third part of the recommended us, it means not in vain came to this place.

It is impossible to see everything (advice to tourists)

– In advance, find out the schedule of Meskita on holidays. Festive days schedule in our article "Holidays in Spain". During reconstructions, part of the buildings can be closed for inspection;

– Together with the ticket, do not forget to capture and the scheme of the cathedral, otherwise you risk getting lost on the area of ​​24 square kilometers;

– think over your wardrobe depending on the weather, because walking will have long. By sightseeing, transport does not go, we recommend to wear comfortable and already crumbling shoes;

– in case of loss of your things, contact the foundation bureau located at the entrance to the room;

– walking on the mosque, look under your feet: the floor can be eliminated by tombstones. Unethical will be trapped on them;

– contemplate the monument of this scale is not one day, and still will remain the corners in which you did not go. Do not be discouraged: even several lives will be not enough to visit all significant and beautiful plates of the planet.

– Consider, maybe it will be profitable to use Cordoba Card. It costs individual money, but gives a discount on the entrance to the attractions of the cordoba;

– Official site Mezquita-CatedralDecordoba.ES sells tickets. If you want to buy them through the Internet being in Spain, then read our article "Internet in Spain Deshevo";

– If you want to go to Meskita by taxi, then read about the tariffs in our article "Taxi in Spain";

– smoking on the territory of the Meskites is strictly prohibited, as in many public places in the country. About the rules of smoking Read our article "Smoking and Cigarettes in Spain".

Good excursions in Andalusia, and read our other interesting articles about Spain (Links below).

Cathedral mosque Meskita

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