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Attractions Helsinki

Attractions Helsinki The historic core of the city spread over the Low-on Vironniemi Peninsula (Estnas, Vironniemi, is also called the entire Central District) between Senate Square (Senaatintori) and Esplanada Street (Esplanadi) in the south and new port in the northeast, forming the Southern District (ETELAINEN SUURPIIRI), where most of the most interesting places are located. Most of the city consists of post-war suburbs separated from each other areas of forest and sea. And its dividing them Central Park, Which extends …

Amanda-fields Interesting

Attractions Kiribati

Attractions Kiribati The history of the population of the islands, which are now included in Kiribati, is one of the greatest mysteries in the development of modern civilization. Presumably, the first inhabitants of the islands were Australoid tribes that settled this territory over 2500 years ago. However, in the XIV century of our era, Tongsans and Fijians invaded the island of Gilbert, and, apparently, did not find any aboriginal tribes here. Numerous mixed marriages between these ethnic groups and rather …