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ATHENA 3 O. Rhodes, Greece – description, prices and booking of Athena 3 – Turmp

ATHENA 3 * Hotel for a relaxing beach-sightseeing holiday ATHENA 3 * Located in the center of the resort town of Rodos, 14.7 km from the airport. The hotel offers a comfortable stay, reasonable prices and professional service. In the architectural plan, the Athena Hotel is the main modern six-storey body with an elevator, built in a modern Mediterranean style at a small well-maintained area. Hotel Pool, Bar, Hall. Municipal sand and pebble beach, which enjoy the hotel guests, is …

Amanda-fields Around the globe Interesting Trip tips

Atherton (ATHERTON)

Atherton (ATHERTON) Atherton (ATHERTON) – A small town in Northeast Australia, located on the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland, about 75 km south-west of Cairns. Population – 7,068 people (2006). The city was founded in 1878. The first foreign migrants were the Chinese, founded in the city of Chin-Tuan. Also in Atherton there is a our community that has had a great influence on the development of this part of Queensland. Atherton is right on the slope of the extinct …