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Catacombs Paris

Catacombs Paris

It so happened that during my trip to Paris turned out to be only one sunny day with beautiful weather in which I tried to maximize all major sights to make decent city frames. Already the next night the rain began, which lasted all day, and I no longer saw the blue sky and warm sun. But even in this weather, you can find how to take yourself, I personally decided to hide from falling raindrops underground, in the famous catacombs of Paris.

I already mentioned at the beginning of my story about Paris, which settled just in a couple of quarters from the entrance to the catacombs, so I thought that I would be the most cunning, coming an hour before their official discovery and being in the very first ranks. In general, I strongly became mistaken, the impressive crowd had already accumulated the same "cunning", but I can say that by the time the turn was 4 times longer. I got inside an hour after the discovery, the total stood by about 2.5 hours.

It is said that the queue accumulates due to the fact that no more than 200 people are allowed inside, although in my feelings it was not the case, but simply in the slow work of all the staff. At the bottom I thought it was at all that there is no one here, and sometimes I walked at all alone, without meeting anyone in the narrow corridors of Catacombs. The way down began with a narrow screw staircase, which immediately descends the visitor to 20 meters under the ground.

Paris Catacombs are a huge network of tunnels formed as a result of extensive mining of stone. Initially, the quarries were behind the territory of Paris, but the city with the centuries expanded and now the catacombs are in the city.

But tourists here attracts not the history of the mining of stone, but the remains of more than six million people who moved here at the end of the 18th century.

If you briefly, before, in Paris, people were buried near the temples, but several plague epidemics and such events, like the Bartholomeworn night, turned the cemeteries into the rareness infection, and on the largest cemetery of the city of burial did in several layers due to lack of space. Who wants, can read in detail about the history of innocent cemeteries in Paris, where in one "grave" could be resting to 1000 people. As a result, it was decided to prohibit Horion people within the city, and the remains of people from mass graves to disinfect and pull into empty catacombs. It is an omensional and attracts tourists here.

In a few dark rooms, neat stacks repent the remains of people with 17 Parisian cemeteries.

In this kingdom of the dead, the remains of the writer Charles Feather, Mathematics Pascal and the Robespierre revolutionary, are not all famous French figures, but only those who are known to me.

Catacombs Paris

It is quite difficult to convey those sensations when one in coffin silence walk past the countless rows of bertov bones under the supervision of empty eye.

Sometimes amazing "Figures", which laid out of the skulls, if I still understand different crosses, then I have questions.

Inside it is forbidden to use outbreaks, so some photos are dark, but it is transmitted exactly that atmosphere that is in this place.

I can say that the catacombs are quite specific, but at the same time a very popular attraction of Paris, but not everyone will like it in dark rooms with bones of millions of dead people, but it will definitely leave you. Finally, a couple of tips:

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