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Catacombs of St. Solomonia

Catacombs of St. Solomonia

The city of Paphos is located on the southwest coast of Cyprus Island. The place was settled in the time of Neolithic and famous for its beautiful and interesting legends and giving, since ancient times it was famous as the center of Aphrodite worship. Named city in honor of Venus’s daughter. The main attraction of Paphos are Catacombs of St. Solomonia, Tourists are given the opportunity to get acquainted with this shrine of the Christian world.

Who is the Solomonia Legends and Facts

Building one of the most ancient on the whole island, washed half a person and half the nature itself. In the 2nd century BC in these catacombs With her sons after escaping from Palestine lived Solomonia. But even in such a secluded shelter, she found the king of Antioch and his anger could not be avoided. After order to execute the family, the mother was left alive, and the sons were killed in heavy torment. The woman spent the days and nights praying over the bodies of their dead children and after a while she died without having come from such heavy grief.

The cave in which everything happened is called &# 8220; seven sleeping cave&# 8221;, and unhappy mother relics still rest in one of the many caves of the catacombs. Later, in the 4th century, this place was served by tombs, the locals were buried here their deceased relatives.

After some time, Christian nations lived in them, at the same time hiding from the enemies and persecutors. The catacombs became so cursed place that even the church was built here, inside it was painted with frescoes and drawings. All the inscriptions have been perfectly preserved until today, in honor of this, the current museum has created here.

Healing water in the catacombs of St. Solomonia

Inside the catacomb is a well, it is considered that Water in it is holy and helps to heal from many diseases, especially if there are vision problems. Previously, the source was deep enough, but since the number of wishing to gain holy water becomes more and more, the depth of it washed.

You can dial water only on condition that the packaging will not be glass for it, and plastic. To fill it the container, you will have to spend a lot of time. The color of the water is not crystal clear, but quite muddy, as it is constantly scared by picking up, but it does not bother visitors, especially since it does not affect her healing properties. There is a well deep, in the place to which you have to wade through narrow, difficult passages with the lighting almost absent in them.

Catacomb location and how to get there

Catacombs with shrines are close to the port of Kato, the distance is somewhat kilometers, you can easily get.

On foot

You can get in 25-30 minutes, it is if you leave the city center.


You can get to-place in the venue:

Route number 605 ; Drive from the bus station to the street named after the Holy Apostle Paul, at this stop there is a pointer where to go on. The catacombs are located 100 meters from the specifying plate;

Route at number 615 ; Departure from the Central Bus Station, located on the Pafos Embankment, the distance is not large, is 3 stops. The guideline will be a sign with the name of the catacombs;

Route at number 606 ; Through the beach of Heroskipu, then through the street Mall Kings, the next stop of the catacombs.

Getting on the bus convenient and is inexpensive, the interval between the routes is short ; 15 minutes, the first flight goes around 6 am, the last at midnight. The cost of about 2 euros and depends on the time of travel.


You can move around the island and renting a car, you can independently inspect all the sights. From the top pathos to the Holy Place, the trip time will be 15-20 minutes, it all depends on the situation on the road, how much of the movement.

Catacombs of St. Solomonia


Transportation is suitable for comfort lovers, a taxi can be caught without difficulty, it is not necessary to call on the phone, it is enough to go out and raise your hand. A trip will be worth about 15 euros.

Pistachio tree

The tree is at the entrance, not to see it is simply not possible, since it Having taken away with multicolored knitted flaps. According to the legend after the visitor hangs a piece of fabric on the branch, Saint Solomonia will heal it from diseases. Travelers meet different and for greater persuasion placed on the tree all that can be from the nasal scarves and underwear and before the shoes. All these things periodically remove the servants of the Church.

Chapel and church

After the tragedy of what happened in this place, over time he was recognized as holy and massively began visiting pilgrims. Later there was done Chapel with a cave church. Traveler after the descent first goes to the chapel, where it is dark, so it is recommended to take a flashlight with you. There is a lot of garbage in the cave, there is no video observation, removes only inside the church itself and chapel.

The path to the church lies through a narrow side passage, many are not solved to go into it because they are afraid of a closed space and fear. He who dared to overcome this path will see the church with a large number of vintage icons and many lit candles. The atmosphere here is unusual, itifies calmness and something eternal.

Work schedule and the cost of visiting

Catacombs work every day from 9 am and until 18 pm. Visit free, paid only excursion, which is held daily in the morning, the price includes visits to the chapel and church. The cost is different, depends on the organization that conducts a tour.

The passage is not guarded by anyone, but it is better to visit this attraction in the bright time of the day, taking with you to help a flashlight.

If it happened to visit this interesting island at least once in life, it is recommended to go to the catacombs of Solomonia, this place will remain in memory for life.

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