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Cat loves boogie wg

Cat loves boogie wg

Who is a cute creature? No, this is not bald marine piggy, but a real dwarf hippo named Monif! The baby lives in the Taron Zoo in Sydney (Australia) and is very tied to his caretaker. She walks behind her tail and is always wondering than that busy. Even if the animal is engaged in its affairs: walks, eats, explores the territory – then she necessarily comes to Cirera, so that she stroke her. How touching it is not true?

At the birth of monifers weighing only 6 kg. When dwarf hippos is growing, then in height they can reach 80 cm, and in length – 1.5 m. Their weight is less than 300 kg. For comparison, the usual hippo weighs about 4.5 tons. Dwarf hippos, unfortunately, are on the verge of extinction, a total of less than 3,000 individuals in nature. In natural conditions, these animals are found in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Côte d’Ivoire. Read also about those types of animals that could disappear, but were saved thanks to the efforts of a person.

He loves bugs

This video gathered on Youtube more than 4 million views! Not surprisingly – it’s so nice to watch how the cat enjoys a massage and simultaneously listening to Bogovi Vui (see how a monkey massage makes a lazy car!). This piano style is also known as Barrelhouse and Honky Tonk – both names can be translated as "roadside eatery". It is in such establishments in Texas (USA) in the 1870s and originated this style. The fact is that in those days after the working day, the poor often came to the cafe. Needed music. But every day hiring the orchestra was too expensive, so the owners of the cafe preferred to invite black pianists. They had to replace the group of musicians at once, so they invented special methods of a rhythmic game, ideally suitable for dances. Previously, "My Planet" placed a photoproject dedicated to dances of different peoples of the world.

Circular motion

Admire, on which unusual track in 1901-1902 there were cyclists on the Keith’s Union Square theater stage in New York (theater co-owner called Benjamin Franklin Kate, later the institution was renamed simply at Union Square Theater, under this name it is known in our days). Then the audience was very fascinated by various sports numbers, especially using the bike popular in those days. Artists showed the most unusual tricks: for example, in one of them the boy was driving on a bicycle, holding another boy on his shoulders. There was also a popular performance of athletes-musicians. They played on saxophones right while driving. By the way, you know how to properly carry a bike when flying by plane?

Aerial attack

Cat loves boogie wg

Holland Kite Team’s Dutch team performs with air snakes on numerous international festivals (this is how one of the similar events on Bali). They are widely known for their major kayats like these giant octopuses. If you do not know that these are air snakes, it can be assumed that the Earth seized aliens! In addition to octopus, the group launches huge sharks into the sky, three-person (and quite three-dimensional) sailboats, blue whales, as well as flying superheroes. By the way, the team is not only wheeling the world with performances, but also sells air coils with its own design. So, if you are upgraded to the neighbors and you have an extra $ 750, you can completely acquire the same.

Come on, Lama, come on!

This snapshot was made in the first half of the 20th century in Tibet. It is captured by Lama’s boys in Cutepathi costumes, also called Hochima or "Lord of Cemeteries". This character had a kind of human skeleton and wore the appropriate mask in the form of a skull. In the Buddhist Mystery, Tsam Khokhima personifies the intermediate state of a person between death and the new reincarnation: when he already has no old, deceased body, but he has not yet acquired a new one (earlier "My Planet" told about what the funeral rites exist in Tibet).

There is a legend about how to appear Citipathi. Allegedly once a couple of yogins – a man and a woman – meditated on the cemetery and left their bodies during practice. While they were absent, rats and dogs ate their bodily incarnation. Returning, the yogins-perfume found that only skeletons remained from their physical bodies, and they gave a promise to protect all practitioners in the Cemetery of Yogin.

Cat loves boogie wg

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