Car rental in Austria

Car rental in Austria

You can rent a car at all airports, at large stations and in cities at rolling companies. In addition, international firms for renting cars, in all countries of the preliminary booking bureau, in which tourists can reserve a vehicle at a special rate, being still in their country.

The terms of the rental of cars are the presence of a driver’s license (MBU is not required), age from 21 years (in some companies from 23 years old) and credit card (required!). It is more profitable and cheaper to book the car ahead and aggregators, and not in the rental company directly.

As a rule, an unlimited kilometer and basic insurance with personal participation up to 800 euros are offered. The client is entitled to buy additional insurance, eliminating any personal involvement in the event of an accident.

Roads and driving rules in Austria

Movement of right-hand. Speed ‚Äč‚Äčlimit on autobahns – 130 km / h. At night – from 22.00 to 05.00 – 110 km / h on the following autobahn: TauernautoBahn (A10), InntalautoBahn (A12), BrennerautoBahn (A13), RheintalautoBahn (A14).
The maximum allowable speed on the highway and free (secondary) roads is 100 km / h (unless otherwise provided by road signs), in settlements – 50 km / h (in Graz – 30 km / h).

In Austria, all speed highways and autobahn are paid. For cars weighing up to 3.5 tons It is necessary to purchase a special vignette, which testifies to the payment of duty for the use of the roads specified above. Vignette is a sticker on which its validity period is specified. It must be attached to the windshield so that it is clearly visible.

The validity period of vignette is 10 days (8.50 euros for a passenger car, 4.90 euros – for a motorcycle), 2 months (24.80 euro – car, 12, 40 euro – motorcycle), 1 year (82.70 and 32 , 90 euros for car and motorcycle, respectively).

Vignettes can be bought at gas stations, in the car clubs, the service center ASFINAG (Brenner Pass, the A-13 highway) and in tobacco kiosks "Tabaktrafiken". Roads where vignette is required is indicated by signs with the inscription "Vignette".

The following roads are paid, but the vignette does not act here, and the duty will be charged directly on the tracks when driving through a special gate):
– BosruckTunnel (A9)
– Gleinalm Tunnel (A9)
– Tauerntunnel / KatschbergTunnel (A10)
– KarawankentUnnel (A11)
– Arlberg Tunnel (S16)

In winter, mountain roads and passes of Austria are closed due to avalanche. Austrian pricked riser is prohibited. As measures against driving and sliding on mountain roads in winter, chains should be applied. You can buy them at refueling and maintenance stations.

Most parking in cities paid. The cost of parking on average, as follows: up to 15 minutes for free (if otherwise notes on nearby signs), half an hour – 1 euro, 1 hour – 2 euros, 1.5 hours – 3 euros, 2 hours 4 euros. Additional information about roads, parking, fines and fare prices for paid roads can be obtained from the Austrian Automobile Club website (WWW.Oeamtc.AT).

Car rental in Austria

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Car rental in Austria

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