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Bolzano (Ital. Bolzano) — The capital of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, located in the north of Italy.

The inhabitants of Bolzano are divided into 3 linguistic groups: 70% of local residents speak Italian, 26% are explained in German, and a small percentage saves the retrorman adverb.

Bolzano town was built in the XII-XIII in. That is why in the historic center of the city tourists to this day can see many curious architectural attractions.

I wonder what Bolzano is called calling «Gate to Dolomites». And it is not far from the truth. The city spread out in a beautiful valley at an altitude of 265 meters. It is framed by dizzying peaks Alps. The city is extremely picturesque and popular among tourists from all over the world.

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What is interesting to see in Bolzano?

Top sights Bolzano

Bolzano: excursions and events

Tourists can go to such interesting Excursions to Bolzano, As: visiting the Archaeological Museum of the Southern Tyrol, where household items are exposed, ranging from the Paleolithic era and ending with late Medieval. The main exhibit of this wonderful museum – mummy «Ezi», man frozen in alpine glaciers more than 5 thousand years ago.

Also tourists will curious to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bolzano, founded in 1987 – The main place for numerous exhibitions in Bolzano. Interesting and the Museum of Vertolov in the Abbattaya Tower of the Romanesque period, the exhibits of which are dated XVIII in. In addition, it is interesting to go on an excursion to Bolzano to Mercantile Museum (Mercantile), located in the favorite Bolzia City Traffic.

Events in Bolzano Very varied. Among tourists, the Ice Music Festival festival is popular (Ice Music Festival), which is held in the last 10 days of winter. The holiday takes place in the Ice Cathedral, the musicians play on the tools from ice, also this time of Curling Competitions.

Other curious events in Bolzano – Speckfest Alto Adige (Speckfest Alto Adige) is held in the penultimate May weekend, Christmas fairs, pass from November and to January, Annual Wine Festival called «South Tyrol Wines», as well as an international contest of pianists, which takes place in the conservatory of the city of Bolzano. And in the spring time, tourists can go to the flower market in Bolzano. In the autumn, the city invites travelers for the Pumpkin holiday.

History Bolzano

Climate in Bolzano

Climate Bolzano can be called in your own unique. Thanks to the location in the picturesque valley in the middle of the mountain peaks, a special microclimate was created in the town, due to which in the summer time the air in Bolzano heats up to +40 °C.

Weather in Bolzano for months, see, passing by the allocated link to the appropriate section.

Bolzano: entertainment and active rest

Bolzano is located in the Italian region Trentino Alto Adige, popular among tourist skiers.

Bolzano, Italy Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Bitsano Travel Guide

Bolzano surround the Dolomites Alps, here is the Val Garden Valley Alpe di Suzy. Here you can admire the most picturesque landscapes in Italy, as well as skiing.

Pleasants and useful for health Walking in Stelvio National Park. You can meet with wild animals – deer and sulfas, roots and pheasants and others.

Also in Bolzano in the warm season nice to travel by bike.

Kohlern-Colle — This is a ski resort in Bolzano

Transport features Bolzano

Bolzano – a small town for which it is pleasant and easy to walk. However, public transport is also developed in Bolzano: buses run here, several cable cars run, there is a wide network of high-speed electric trains.

Travel on the city bus will cost a tourist about 65 euro scents, buses time in Bolzano – from 6 am to 21 pm. Also in Bolzano there are night routes.

Electrics in Bolzano combine the central station of Bolzano with the outskirts of the city. Train rate in the train – 1.5 Euro.

Cableway in Bolzano connects the city with Renon villages, San Jenzio and Collier. Time in the way to towns – about 10 minutes, the fare – 2 Euro.

In Bolzano, you can rent a bike. Cost of rental – from 6 euros for 1 hour.

Bolzano, Italy Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Bitsano Travel Guide

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