Aya Lake (AYA)

Aya Lake (AYA)

Lake Aya, Also known as Ayskaya Lake — A small freshwater lake in the Altai Territory, located near the left bank of the Katun River, approximately 19 kilometers from Gorno-Altaisk. Square – 0.09 km².

«Crystal coolness of the mountain lake» – this is already familiar for tourist articles turnover. However, you agree, thought on trips to mountain lakes is often comes: And how it would be great if the water was not only crystally transparent, but also warm! So that it can be swimming in it!

This is exactly the lake, whose name is translated from Altai «moon», the outlines of the coast resembles the crescent, and the water is really «Crystal» – Transparent to a depth of 8-9 meters.

Lake, as he laid a mountain lake, has his legend and his riddle. In the local legend, at this place the moon went down from heaven, dealt with Delbegenom, fairy talented, and thus saved human genus from destruction.

The riddle is that Aya – Lake Foolless I «straw», it does not fall into it and neither river or streams do not flow out of it. And at the same time, the water level in the lake, area of ​​9H and the depth of several minutes of more than 21 meters, even during the spring melting of snow or abundant rains hesitates slightly.

You can swim in a lake in summer when water warms up to 20°With, such water bodies in the mountain altai are only three. But not only bathing in the lake attracts tourists here. At a depth, more than 10m contains large accumulations of hydrogen sulfide, both at the resorts of the Black Sea, and the healing properties are attributed to the lake water.

That in combination with picturesque landscapes – a magnificent view of the Altai Mountains, opening from the nearby mountain of the finger, descending to the lake, the slopes of the mountains – Makes Lake Attractive for tourists from all over Russia.

Numerous tourist complexes, hotels, recreation cities, cafes built on the territory adjacent to lake. And on the lake itself organized renting boats and water bikes.

Not far from Lake Aya, there is another natural attraction of the Altai Mountain Altai – River Katun. With the lake it connects the pedestrian and car suspension bridge. There are peculiar «Raisinka» for tourists – «Arbor love».

It is located on a small island in the center of the lake, to get to the gazebo, according to tradition, the lists should fit, in the case of a successful swim there is a chance that the delicate feelings to each other will be stored for their rest.

In winter, life on Lake Naia does not freeze – Skiers and skiers come here. Under rollers and skating tracks, areas of the ice cover of the lake are cleared.

How to get to Lake Aya

Aya Lake (AYA)

Lake Lake is 9 km south of Gorno-Altaisk Airport, 19 kilometers south-west of Gorno-Altaisk, 112 km south-east of Biysk, and 265 km south-east of Barnaul.

From Moscow to Gorno-Altaisk without transfers can be reached only with the airline S7, the trains do not go here. From here to the lake go buses, plus, of course, can be reached by taxi.

From Moscow to Barnaul you can get with Aeroflot, S7 and Vim air, or by train. From here to Gorno-Altaisk will need to go by bus or by taxi (on the Chui tract).

Buses depart from Bus Station. Taxi drivers who want to take you to Lake Aya will abound, the main thing is to be bargaining not to leave!

In Biysk, airport civilian aircraft does not accept, but here from Moscow can be reached by train.

Buses to Gorno-Altaisk will depart from Bus Station, which is located near the railway station. Taxi drivers here are also not a little, the problems get to the lake Naia will not. And buses and cars also get to Gorno-Altaisk on the Chui tract.

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