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Austin (Texas)

Austin (Texas)

Austin (Austin) – a major city in the south of the United States, the capital of Texas. The population of the city is growing dynamically and for 2014 exceeds 912 thousand inhabitants. Together with the suburbs – 1.7 million.

In 1839, the village, the name of Waterloo (Waterloo), was renamed Austin (in honor of Stephen Fuller Austin – a man who played an important role in the history of Texas). Since 1846, Austin is the capital of Texas.

Austin stands on the Colorado River. Within the city of River, the Lady Bird Johnson, named after the wife of President Johnson, forms Lady Bird Johnson. The territory around Lady Lady Berd is one of the most prestigious in the city, on both sides are numerous hotels, residential apartments, park areas with pleasure and cycling tracks, fully surrounding the lake (16 km). This is one of the main recreational areas in the central part of the city.

In addition to Lady Lady Berd in the region, there are several more lakes, including Lake Trevis (Lake Travis) – another desired place to relax in the fresh air. In general, Austin is a green city. Within the city features there are more than 200 parks, including Zilker Metropolitan Park – a popular park, located near the city center. The area in the region is hilly (in contrast to Tyxhas typical plains).

Compared to other cities in Texas, Austin is the most democratic. One of the reasons is a large number of youth, the average age of residents is only 31.

Special place in the life of Austin is held in Texas University (University of Texas or Abbreviated UT). This is the largest university in Texas, more than 51 thousand students are trained in it. The university takes about 150 buildings, its composition includes 7 museums and 17 libraries. Among them, you can highlight: Blanton Museum of Art Art Museum, Texas Natural Science Center Museum. It is worth noting that the University’s budget for 2010 exceeded $ 2.1 billion dollars.

University Town (Campus) is located just north of Downoutaun. In the center of the campus rises the tower – one of the most recognizable symbols of the city. Usually in the evening the tower burns with white, in the case of solemn reasons (including sports success), the backlight changes to orange.

Austin is the largest city in the USA who has no team in the main sports leagues of North America. Partly this explains the colossal popularity of the university team on American football TEXAS LONGHORNS. Team symbol – Texas Long-legged buffalo (Longhorn). Huge Darrell K Royal Stadium – Texas MEMORIAL STADIUM, which is played by Texas Longhorns, accommodates over 100 thousand spectators (it is planned to expand up to 120-130 thousand seats).

UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS has a good national reputation, is considered one of the best technical universities in the country. Not surprisingly, companies like Dell, IBM, Intel, AMD, Apple, Google, Samsung, National Instruments and others lead an active business in Austin, relying on the staff prepared by the University. Over 40% of people aged 25 years living in the city, have a bachelor’s education and higher (for example, in Detroit – 11%).

The main headquarters of the world giant Dell is located in the suburbs of Austin – Round Rock Round (Round Rock). The gross product of the city agglomeration of Austin exceeds 86 billion dollars.

Rass composition of the population for 2013:

  • White – 49.7%
  • Latin American (any race) – 34.0%
  • Austin (Texas)
  • African Americans – 7.2%
  • Asians – 6.1%
  • Mixed races – 2.6%
  • Indians – 0.2%

Socio-economic indicators for 2013:

  • the average income per person – $ 32297
  • the average cost of homes – $ 234800
  • the average cost of rental housing – $ 1008
  • the population living below the poverty line – 17.8%
  • Unemployment in the region (June 2014) – 4.0% (low)
  • cost of living index – 95.7 (4% lower than the average of US indicators).

Main attractions and iconic places

Austin is known as the capital of live music. Slogan Live Music Capital of the World officially appeared in 1991. Day and night, every day of the week you can always find live music – in bars, restaurants, clubs and in the streets. The city hosts a huge number of concerts, music festivals, the largest of which Austin City Limits Music Festival and South by Southwest (SXSW). The epicenter of daily musical life – Sixth Street (6-th street). There are concentrated many clubs and pubs. Every day there are the approximately 200 bands wide variety of styles. Life on the sixth street never stops, day or night.

Another city landmark, which we can not ignore – Texas State Capitol. This monumental structure of pink marble, surpassing in size even the Washington Capitol, was built in 1888. Despite the fact that the work the governor of Texas and the state government, the Capitol is open to public access, 7 days a week building.

One of the most unusual attractions of Austin are bats that live in an incredible amount in the center of the city under the bridge Congress Avenue Bridge. Experts estimate their number at 1.5 million individuals. Every evening, from early spring to autumn, the huge clouds of flying vampires emerge to hunt. Very unusual sight, watch which gather a crowd of onlookers and tourists.

Other attractions in Austin:

  • Museum of History of Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum
  • Performing Arts Center, Long Center for the Performing Arts
  • Hamilton Pool pool – an unusual natural pool, located less than 40 km from Austin. The pool with a grotto formed about a thousand years ago after the collapse of the dome of the underground river.
  • Circuit of The America’s racing route, located south-west of the city, must be completed in 2012.

Austin is located in the zone of subtropical climate. Summer long and hot, the average daily temperature of July – 29 C. In total, more than 100 days are observed in the year, when daytime temperatures exceed 32 s. Spring and autumn – very nice, it is the best time to visit the city. In winter, cool, the average daily temperature of January – 10 C. Snow falls very rarely.

Austin (Texas)

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