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Attractions Olenevka

attractions Olenevka

This village is located on the west coast of the Crimea. Tourists come here often to relax on the sandy beach and swim in the warm sea. The water is quite clear, therefore, suitable for swimming and diving. If you want to visit this Crimean resort, we want to tell you about the sights of the village, which can be viewed.

Cape Tarkhankut

If you move a few kilometers from the center of the village, and there you will find Cape Tarkhankut, where you can look at an interesting relief and bizarre rocks. In this area, the Black Sea does not fall into other rivers, so the water is very clear here.

In this place you can find a quiet corner to relax on the beach, and thanks to the pleasant climate, the water warms up quickly, so you can enjoy the warm water.

Of course, this is the place to study can not only from the shore, but also from the sea. To do this, it will be necessary to rent a boat and take a ride along the coast, admiring the spectacular views and cliffs. This place was very liked by divers, because here you can arrange Underwater immersion.

If you leave near Cape Tarkhankut, you can see historical monument, which is located in this area. This monument was founded by the Greeks, as well as here were discovered ruin, which are still investigated. It is worth come here to everyone who is interested in secrets and various riddles of ancient times.

Even in the surrounding area you can see those areas that are within a few hours drive away from Cape. You can visit a huge water park, which is located in the Crimea, as well as go to various entertainment Parks and complexes, who will like not only to you, but also your children.

Small and big atlash

Attractions Olenevka

This place is in the south of the village of Olenevka. Here you can look at the rocky shores and scenic species that will open in front of you. Also here well Developed infrastructure, Therefore, you can dine in a cafe, visit the dolphinarium, and stay in a small hotel for overnight stay. Also in this place are sea walks and excursions, where you can see even more attractions. Here you will meet a natural tunnel, many grottoes and a unique Museum "Alley of the Chiefs", which is located under water.

Bowl of love

Bowl of love This place was called local residents. In fact, this is just Natural reservoir, which is located next to Cape Tarkhankut. This bowl B diameter is 8 meters, And the water in it comes from the tunnel. This place was formed due to volcanic activity, so here you will open Incredible landscapes, Also here you can admire the surroundings and clean, transparent water.

You can get here on your own car or take a bike that can be rented nearby.

The romantic name appeared long ago, so this place really liked the in love in love. Still believes that if the couple jump into the water, holding hands, then love will be very strong and long.

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