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Attractions Italy Personal Experience

Attractions Italy: Personal Experience

For "View Venice from water" Vaporretto number 1 is not that it is not suitable – but you only see the Grand Canal, part of Venice from San Marco to Biennale. Well, and Lido Island, if you need him. If you have plans to see in Venice, something else, except for the main part (Judekku, San George, Murano Island, Mazzormo, Burano and Torchello, Island / Cemetery San Michele) – I would buy a ticket for a day and everything day. Well, the light part of the day and rode. However, without "would", I did it.

From San Marco to Santa Maria della Salute on foot through the Academy Bridge. Well, minutes 25-30, probably, it is necessary (I did not go straight on the map and distracted on all sorts of nonsense, and it took me two and a half hours), or using the crossing trageda – well. 15 minutes.

They are very different. Actually, the Vaporetto walks according to the Grand Channel, in Canhaso (the northern part, where Ghetto), along the canal of Judecca (in principle, in a circle, wrapping past the TRONCETTO in the Grand Canal) and almost around the Big Island – from the exit from Canhanhalo, east – And in a circle, to San Marco (and then either in the Grand Canal, or on Judecchka.

If I correctly remember, Vaporretto 2 just describes the circle of San Marco – San Georgeo – on both sides of the Judecca channel to Troconketto, from there, on the tube Santa Chiara – to the Grand Canal (in the Piazzala Roma district) and already through the full Grand Canal down, to San Marco. But. It can be more than one and a half hours.

In general, if time is very small – all the same, the version of the Grand Canal is the most optimal. On the entire channel goes around an hour (I would even say that 40 minutes). Time "Gone" From the moment you spent a ticket for Validator when landing (Validator on the pier). The controller on the large Vaporretto goes straight together with you, and checks tickets literally through the stop, during the trip can check 3 times (on small – can go together, so come at the stops). But in the evening (I "Speed ​​ticket") I seem to be the whole route promoted on the stern without any controller.

Keep in mind half an hour – this is not distracted by the Phoenix Theater, on the gallery of the Academy, nor on the Peggy Museum, Gugenheim, either for a cup of expresso here in that bar. In general, a very fast step 🙂

Strombol volcano: how to get?

Get to Park Villa Borghese

In the very center of Rome there is a huge park in which everyone can find entertainment to his taste. Here you can simply walk on shady alleys, you can ride bikes and horses, admire world artistic and architectural masterpieces, and even visit the zoo!

You can get to the park from the side of Del Popolo or from the Spanish stairs. We took advantage of another way: I drove on the subway to SPAGNA station, from there on a free underground travolor rose practically to the entrance to the park). At the entrance, we met a monument by Bayron.

Tickets in Florence Museums online

In Florence we had incomplete two days, and the desire to see as much as possible was great. This is the Treasury of the Renaissance: Michelangelo, Rafael, Botticelli – That’s all. According to eyewitness reviews, we knew that the same as we wishing to see the creations of great masters – a whole crowd, what we were convinced then on arrival in the city, and therefore the purchase of online tickets was a necessity.

In Santa Maria del Fiior, you can buy a comprehensive ticket for 10 euros, which will come not only on the dome of the cathedral, but also in the cathedral itself, Baptistery, Crypt, Giotto Tower and Museum. At the same time, printing the ticket received on e-mail, you avoid an additional queue in the cashier and immediately march to the entrance to the dome. There, however, there is a queue of the time to buy tickets (offline or online), but they are allowed quickly, longer than 10 minutes it is unlikely to have.

The second goal was the Uffiza Gallery. Here the quest is more complicated here: you book online visits, print the voucher received on the mail (so it is called), in it the main thing – the order number is not less than 15 minutes before the appointed time exchange a voucher at a special cash desk (№3) for real tickets and then calmly go to the main entrance to the gallery. If the time appointed you just came up – you immediately pass.

San Leo Fortress

The owner of our hotel, an elderly man, when he learned that we were going to San Marino said that there is certainly beautiful, but in San Leo it is better. The distance between these cities is approximately 25 km – sin does not come.

I expected to see the fortress in the distance and on the hill, but it was not in any way, only hitting almost closely on the road, which leads to Mount Feltro.

Throw a motorcycle in a modest courtyard and went on foot to the fortress, although it turned out later, it was possible to call right there.

At this time, tourists have almost no.

The main facade of the fort with two powerful towers is facing the city, because on the other hand, an impregnable vertical rock. On the top platform there are English tools of the Second World War. In the distance you can see San Marino.

Unfortunately, we were not lucky, the fortress is open until 18:45. Entrance ticket for adults 8 euros. If you believe in someone’s reports from the Internet, then there you can see the camera Count Caliosostro (the most remarkable prisoner of the fortress, when it was a prison in 1790), as well as a small picture gallery, the main hall and the fortifications themselves, erected by Francesco Di Georgio Martini for Dukes Montefeltro.

Before San Leo, the bus is no longer able to get to San Marino (actually there are separate excursion buses – I saw in brochures).

Cathedral of St. Peter do not recommend visit at the end of the week

Castle Eggs in Naples

About the Italian ski resorts Canazei and Carezza

Carezza – the slopes of the deserts and fresh. There are no queues on the lifts. Runs for every taste. And a couple of days from the weekly voyage to the Dolomites, it is quite possible to carry out in an anthill canaca, but in a more peaceful atmosphere.

CANAZEI – a seating and our tourists lured. Signs in our – the usual thing, our speech on the slopes more often German.. And I will not say that this Dolomites spoil.. Paphos there is French-Swiss no. People go there to ride, and not a suit from xxx walk.. There are 3000k here. You can climb up, admire the species.. Can be without skis, you can (under your responsibility) with skis boards.

Thermal Park Nagombo (Italy)

Feline Catacombs in Palermo

Visiting the place where mummified bodies of 8,000 people who died for the last 400 years are stored for the last 400 years, has become the most vivid impression of the visit to Palermo.

Catacombs are located approximately 20-25 minutes walk from the central w.Dat Palermo

On excursions with Anatoly (Italy): Thanks for the excellent job!

Our dance team "Creative workshop Sona Ovsepyan" participated in the European Championships in Stepa in Rimini (May 25-27, 2012.). While being in Moscow, we planned excursions (in the days free days) to Venice and Florence. We are big lucky that we turned to Anatoly Kovtun. Email wrote off, spoke all the details of the trips.

The excursion group was a national team (more than 45 people from different hotels), but everything was organized clearly, without fuss and hassle. Reasonably enough! We did not overload information and dates, the radio pastes allowed to hear Anatoly’s story at a distance, we examined the sights and in the course have time to photograph. All excursions were planned so that we had enough time for lunch, and on an independent inspection of the historic center, to visit the museum and shopping. Children (from 6 to 16 years old) are not tired, parents were pleased. It was in all respects a pleasant acquaintance with Italian cities.

Val Garden: Ski Passions and Surprises

To write about the Italian resort of Val Gardena, I wanted at least because, preparing for a trip, I practically did not find feedback, with the exception of scarce descriptions "were rolled, dolomites beautiful".

The first surprise of the trip turned out to be the fact that from Verona Airport to Val Gardena resort ride 2.5 hours on the mountain road. On the threshold of the hotel, the tourists, as a result, were in the first hour of the night in the image of the Gypsy Tabor: with Baulas, skiing and sleeping children, wrapped in jackets, on hand.

The second surprise was the difference in time. I don’t know, thanks to what translations of hours, maternity leave, and other Julian calendars, – but the difference with Russia at the time of my landing in Italy was three hours. Exactly at eight in the morning in Moscow (and this, I note, five nights on Val Garden) a cheerful and sleeping child opened his eyes, hinting with all kinds: "New day came, tusiei, mom!" And it is at five in the morning. Five! For about an hour about dawn, one and a half hours – before breakfast and two hours – before the opening of skiing.

Middle Martha – the most inappropriate time to go to ride Dolomites skiing. Although tour operators are folded singing that "Skating continues until the end of March, and even until April". In general, it is, but adjusted: "For fans of strange".

In the morning on the slope of reinforced concrete strength. The slope to dinner have a thoroughly to roll out, and instead of NAST, drills appear and puddles. If I wanted to ride among the Bugrov – I would have done a telemarcom!

The main task of arrival was "Find and buy Skipas". Skipas are sold not around the lifts, but in a specially reserved place, calculate that can be used for a healthy plate "Skipas" On the facade (landmark – down the street from the lift on Campinoi).

There is a subscription "Val Gardena" (costs about 225 euros for 6 days) and there is a subscription "Dimalites Super" (20 dollars more expensive). The first includes the riding zones of the towns of Selva, Christina and Ortiz. In the second – a huge piece of a mountain range, a closed Salla Ronda – a big ring of ski slopes.

Completing with the map and attaching that Salla Ronda does not shine to me under any circumstances, I decided that "Cut" Skipas – my choice. Thus, victoriously eating as many as 20 Eurukov. Everything was good, while in a couple of days, going down on one of the tracks, I suddenly left for Abris Maps Trails "Val Gardena". And it was revealed at the bottom, the lift.

In the area of ​​Syracuse Beaches – just a fairy tale

Beaches in Rimini

On arrival immediately went to the beach and get acquainted with the city. Beaches paid – 15 euros for 2 beds and an umbrella, (towels bring their own,) they are municipal, there are almost no hotels, there are almost no beaches, each has their own color of sun beds and umbrellas, you can choose any beach – tickets sell at the bar at entrance. Through the beaches 10 there is 1 free beach – there is also clean, only there are no sun beds, sunbathe on towels. The sand is yellow, almost white, the sea is warm, but a mercury and small – you can go very far from the belt, do not want to.

Traders stand along the sea (Africans, Arabs) and trade all sorts of all sorts – glasses, bags, souvenirs, clothes, you can walk, see what to buy if you lie annoying. By the way, foreigners retirees are very like to walk along the sea, they constantly move, some are completely old, but beyond.

Tour tour of Italy

The excursion tour was not bad, but it is worth noting that it is pretty labor-intensive process. Lifting at 6 am every day, endless bus trips, a series of hotels. Not everyone is suitable, so let’s say. I would like to pay attention to the accompanying sightseeing groups: tourists, be careful. They will pump out money from you with all possible ways. First they will seem good and responsive to you, but at the end of your tour, when all the money will be collected, they will behave worse and worse.

The main rule: do not go to restaurants and shops imposed, oh, sorry, consulting accompanying. Do not forget that all these institutions disappear to them a decent amount for such a number of customers. Be vigilant 🙂 Better find your small quiet place, where you can enjoy a delicious pizza for 5 euros and avoid a comprehensive dinner for 30 euros per person. This is the main thing that I wanted to prevent, just these beauties are quite oblamed. Yes, and people who give their blood, sorry.

Viareggio: on what and how much to sunbathe on the beaches

Congressed. Tell me. Sunbathe stands in different ways. Beaches go in a row one by one. Each with its infrastructure, the design of umbrellas and sun beds (and how can I distinguish them from the sea?) and comfortable. The most expensive from me came: 36 euros for 1 umbrella and 2 lounge chairs. The cheapest: 15 euros for the same. But they are not included here without sun beds, it is a sedentary, with the adjustment of the folding chaise lounge. To lie on it, the belly can not be in any way – in the latter position, the back of the zout is very high. To them in addition (and not instead of a lounge chair), you can take a real sun bed, that is, already horizontal (10-15 euros). Most offered 20 euros for 1 sun lounger umbrella 2 + unregulated and simply seated stool. BUT! Everywhere you can take 1 umbrella for 4 people, 2 deck chairs and go around this with all the scope – who are on the sun beds, and who are on towels. We have children, for example, preferred a towel. Yes, and we ourselves sometimes fell rooted on them. So you can hide money on the beach.

On some beaches, there is also a pool with sea water, which can also be sunbathing. The place by the pool without the beach will not be sold. That is, wishing to swim in the pool (and when the sea is decent excitement, it may be relevant) will have to pay. Prices are very different. From 3 euros from the nose, up to 15. Depends on the beautiful and comfortable pool. Although the one for 3 euros (the truth is half a day, but somehow no one watches how much you fly there), it is very harmful.

Weather in Calabria for the new year

Attractions Italy Personal Experience

Lovely Calabria

Terms in Kurmayor

Near Kurchayor, there is a chic hotel with thermal sources. For a fee of 30 euros, you can get there in the evening. Of course, the terms are open to the visit and in the morning, but this is contrary to the very idea of ​​snowboarding and skiing. The complex itself works to 21.thirty. From the pools begin to drive out in 21.00. Buffet, which is included in the price of the visit, closes in 20.00. At the entrance give a key for a locker for things, a huge towel, a bathrobe and slippers.

In fact, this institution is a huge spa complex. There is everything you can imagine from a combination of water and temperature. And even something you can’t imagine. For example, before entering the Turkish steam room there is a Chan with salt. According to the instructions, you need to go into the steam room, sit for 5 minutes, then straighten with salt and go to the pair again, after which it was washed off salt. In fact it turned out that the salt was impregnated with menthol. T.E. Your skin becomes cool even in a steam room. In general, sensations are pretty funny. Recommend.

Separate pleasure – pools with hot thermal water in the open sky. We lie in the pool. Watch on the starry sky. Circle Mountains and Snow. Romance! The actual Italian couples under the action of this romantic cocktail in every way hugging and kissing.

In the complex, many rooms for relaxation with panoramic windows. There are nice couches, there is a harsh music. They ask for silence. For Relax in Italian – it’s just stupidly sleep in such a room after pleasant procedures. In some rooms, the wellness effect is supported by various light-excavating installations. On the buffet all the food is also sharpened under the recovery. The assortment has muesli, fruits, yogurts, herbal teas, natural juices and other healthy food. In general, it is possible to eat there, but it is not worth the biffsack with blood or at least pizza.

In general, the terms are extremely recommended for visiting after skiing. Full relaxes and recharging of vital energy for subsequent rods are guaranteed. The complex is also shown by the cute young ladies that put spa treatments above the skiing pastime.

By the way, if you go to a taxi from Kurchayor to Term, then it will be about 50 euros there. This is the price for a minibus for 10 people. The usual taxi may be cheaper. Also there can be reached by bus, but then you will be strongly tied to his schedule.

On Kramiyuor’s tracks

There are flags that inform about the direction of movement. In particularly dangerous places (according to spoiled Europeans) there are warning stretch marks with a request to go preferred. So they inform about sharp turns or changes in the angle of the slope, in which you can jump out well if, contrary to the warning, on the contrary, to dial moves. In the most dangerous areas when you can simply fly away from the tracks on the stones, there are special capture grids. In general, the level of safety of rolling – at the level. And it is right. Bestramphatic skating – Pleasure pleasure. True, rescuers came across a couple of times, who were lucky in the cradle of a victim. Since I did not see what happened, I can not comment on the injury. But in any case, the work of the rescuers is also at the height!

Widow is aimlessly rolling, I begin to study a skiing card to find out which nishtyaks hide from unprepared people. Of course, in the proximity is the Black Route. Well, black so black and wrap on the sign on the track, for some reason no one turns on. After a couple of hundred meters, I understand why I am here alone. The route has a crazy slope, while, an amazing case is absolutely not ragged! And if so, then the previous rides managed to run magnificent bumps. Perhaps someone from skiers would appreciate this track for Mogul, but personally I overflowed 10 times, while I descended and thoroughly scored my feet. Well, nothing, but I will know what black runs, I decided and I went to look for a brow.

Hotel Belvedere, Sestriere resort

The Belvedere Hotel is friendly to skiers and do not make them go to shoes through a black move. At the entrance door hangs the star michelin. This means that local cuisine should not be completely bad. The hotel is slightly on the crowd from the center of the town, but to our services, as usual, a shuttle service is offered. It is worth noting that the sister bus did not have to wait for an hour. Rather, on the contrary, it almost always was ready to take us to the right place. In general, a great hotel for skiing and recreation. I am get a room in the attic floor with a balcony and a great view of the tracks.

Evening smoothly flows into dinner. In Belvedere, or thanks to the MicHelin star, or due to the fact that the resort is still Olympic, dinner diverse. True, here they ask to choose from the menu what you would like to eat tomorrow for dinner. This is nonsense, of course, full. Not only that tomorrow you are tritely not remember what you ordered yesterday, and if you mention, you can simply not want to eat what you ordered. Only a large group of friends saves in this situation. For there is always a wishing to change with you.

Excursion to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello

I was in the Ferrari Museum as a translator 2 weeks ago. Excursion costs 150 euros (regardless of the number of people) + ticket 12 euro, duration 1 hour.

It is conducted in several languages ​​on the choice (there is no our), it is ordered in advance by fax. Excursion is very interesting, tell the whole story "Ferrari" From the sources, about Enzo Ferrari, there is his office, in which there is a real writing desk and its collection machine. Tell me where the emblem came from, why one of "Ferrari" called "Dough Ross", what does it differ from the rest. Stand the most famous models "Ferrari" from Formula 1, tell about their differences from one. In another hall there are all models "Ferrari" tourist option. In the middle of the hall there is a car that Anelly presented to the wedding of Montezzolo.

Also a trip can be combined with Lamborgini’s arrival. There for the same scheme. The museum is less, the excursion is shorter and costs 35 euros (ticket 10 euro).

Buses with excursions full-full. But all of them are organized from afar. There in place to join someone can not.

Excursions in Italy

The main idea of ​​the trip was to see as much as possible in the minimum time. Putting operator – "Natalie-tour", Host receiving. The only problem on the departure was issuing visas and documents 2.5 hours before registration. Therefore, it is recommended to be persistent and immediately contact the representative "Natalie", not to get a long queue to the unknown to which operator. Trip cost: 1500 euro voucher (3 * Hotel HB 2 adults + 600 euro meals, excursions, etc. in place).

The trip was very useful: reef slippers, driver’s license, a set of travel (tea, boiler and dr.), binoculars, stock of batteries to the camera.

Syracuse. Consists of 2 parts. The old part of the city – it is recommended to examine yourself by buying a pre-scheme and learning where the bus will be waiting for you. With the guide you will see less. Same in the second part.

Etna. Excursion – up to 3000 is very interesting, Alcantara gorge, be sure to rent rubber boots.

In Taormina, is required to visit the town of Castelmolo, the old part of the city, Bella and City Park.

In Jardini Naxos Archaeological zone – very interesting.

Souvenir: Convenient to buy honey on Etna and small bottles of wine.

What did not get to what you did, but I would like: an excursion to Eoli O-Wa and Malta.

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