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Attractions Barbadosa Personal Experience

Sights of Barbadosa: Personal Experience

Local firms are actively offering fishing trips, including speech fish. The cost of four hours of fishing begins from 450 US dollars. But it is possible to find a local real fisherman and go fishing with him.

In the town of Newton, your own beer is boiled "Banks". The brewery was opened in 1961 and more than once won all sorts of rewards for their beer and el. Excursions to production are possible, but they should be negotiated in advance. The main alcoholic product on the island is rum. Its production begins with the cultivation of sugar cane, whose fields cover the main part of the island. Part of the plants goes to the production of sugar. To get acquainted with the history of sugar production, which influenced the fate of several generations of the inhabitants of the island in the Sugar Museum. It has a permanent exhibition, assembled by Sir Frank Hatson, representing the technological process from planting a sprout to small crystals in the Sugarnice on the British Table of the Victorian era during a five-hour tea party. The museum is in the courtyard of Portvale Sugar Factory, immediately after the congress with Highway 2a, the address The Barbados National Trust, Wildey House, Wildey, St.Michael, Telephone (246) 426-2421. The museum is open year-round, and during the harvest from February to May, visitors have the opportunity to see modern reed processing machines in action and compare them with ancient adaptations.

Animal Flower Cave that on the North Coast of Barbdos. The waves knocked a huge grotto in the breed, and the ocean view is simply stunning. Inside several pools are so deep sometimes that you can even swim. On the island many miniature national parks. The most interesting to visit seems the option that combines a kind of open-air zoo, where small large-sized deer are suitable for you almost closely, with a forest labyrinth and green monkeys. The first are in Barbados Wildlife Reserve, the second – in Grenade Hall Forest & Signal Station. One park ticket is valid in the second.

By the real miracle of Barbados, you can rightly call the Harrison cave. It attracts with its underground rivers and lakes, as well as stalactites and stalagmites. The central hall of 30 meters high produces an indelible impression. There are several excursions options. Tour on the tram is BDS $ 60.00. Such excursions spend daily from 8:45 to 15:45. Hiking tours pass only on Saturdays, start at 16:00 and 16:30. Cost BDS $ 40.00. Inside is not cold, but it is worthwheeling comfortable shoes and prepare a cave soul.

CONCORD Museum near Barbados Airport

Excursions to Barbadosa

Attractions Barbadosa Personal Experience

Despite the small size of the island of Barbados, a wide range of excursions are provided.

  • Cruise on a catamaran or ship with dinner and caribbean dancing.
  • Immersion on submarine "Atlantis".
  • Fishing – Favorite lesson on Barbados all year round. Here is a rich underwater world and a huge variety of maritime.
  • Diving.
  • One of the entertainment is swimming with turtles during cruises.
  • Jolly Roger Cruise – Swimming on a pirate ship, with stops in picturesque places, songs and dancing under the Caribbean Rhythms, Picnic and Roma Roma Roma.

Sports: Surfing, Cricket, Water Skiing, Water Motorcycles, Windsurfing, Horse Riding and DR.

Other Excursions: For Natural Reserves, Historical – Inspection of Colonial Manor, Ancient Architecture, Plants.

Attractions Barbadosa Personal Experience

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