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No matter what purpose is to wander around the ruins of the ancient cities, visit museums, make shopping or simply to sow on the beach – you decided to spend your vacation abroad. In any case, you need to live somewhere, something to eat and communicate with aborigine. Therefore, we allowed themselves to give some general recommendations to help make stay in someone else’s country more comfortable and cheaper.

Where to go. Until recently, the main tourist region of Greece was the Province of Attica, located in the southern part of the peninsula. In Athens, Delphi and other southern cities – a huge amount of antique ruins and museums. Recently, the increasingly prominent competition of the Attics is the northern regions of the country: Thessaloniki, Castoria and Katering, where tourists have the opportunity to watch the famous rocky monasteries Meteora.

How to go. In Northern Greece it is better to drive charters. In South – Regular Flights "Aeroflot" or Greek air carriers.

Where to live. The bulk of Greek hotels offers a fairly average service at extremely high prices. However, there are Extra Class hotels in the country, which are included in international hotel networks, so high prices in them are justified by the service level.

Borders. Until the beginning of 2000, one of the most liberal visa regimes acted in Greece. Despite the fact that this country enters the Schengen group, it has not been difficult to obtain a tourist group visa. From this year, the Greek consulate has passed on individual visas with an interview, which increases the timing of obtaining a visa to two weeks.

Money. Dollars in Greece do not have free walking. You can only buy small souvenirs for market traders. Greek drachmas Tourists usually buy already in place, because in Russia they are quite difficult to find them.

Attention departing 1

Specificity. Greeks, like all southern peoples, are very emotional and very reverent treats. If a small conflict came out with a local resident, it is better to bring everything to a joke, otherwise he will throw his business and will chase you, trying to revenge, despite the Christian traditions. Although the conflicts with tourists from local residents rarely occur: the southern temperament softens the traditions of hospitality and the desire to make money on tourists. In some small cities, residents are played daily at costumed ideas for attracting tourists.

Nutrition. Popular in many countries Mediterranean cuisine – Right from Greece. There are no lack of restaurants in the cities and resort areas. But despite the fact that Greece is washed from three sides by sea, seafood is quite expensive, and even in a small cafe, the fish dish will cost no less than $ 10.

Climate. Soft, Mediterranean. Despite the heat, proximity to the sea softens high air temperature.

Refuse. The biggest Greek "Zadalovka" – This is fur coat tours. It is strictly necessary to go for $ 70 in order to buy a fur coat, because its value in those shops where you will be brought, much higher than in other places. If you refuse to buy, then pay for the tour more expensive than could. In addition, get a lot of negative emotions.

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