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At the homeland of the teacher of Count Monte Cristo

At the homeland of the teacher of Count Monte Cristo

How to tell about this wonderful little part of India, which stretched narrow stripe along her Malabar coast? It is not easy to find words capable of evenly passing the smells of her wooded hills, the shine of the lagoon at sunset, the noise of waterfalls and the variegated multicolor of carnavals. Perhaps Alexander Green, who created the strength of the imagination Zurbagan and Gelgue, was having experienced something similar to the captivating cities of Panja and Mapus. If he had a chance to visit Goa, he would probably immediately "recognized" Cape Don Paul and Lazy Breath of the Passat over Marmaga Cove.

V "Mahabharat" This land is named "Indra". Under the Palm Porvil, Unbearable White Sparkles the Cone of the Hindu Temple of Shang Durga, built in honor of the Goddess of the world Parvati. Long did not have this very world among the gardens and Goa fields filled with the mourned waters and the singing of birds. Since the time of Sidon and Tira, the crusades and first caliphas were attracted to themselves greedy to harvested alien. The raid followed the raid, conquering conquest.

Hindu rulers fell, the power of Delia Shaha collapsed, Sultanate Vijayanagar was replaced by the state of Bakhmani, but the people of Gormante saved their native language and ancient customs. It is no coincidence that Goa became the first block of the Indian territory on which European colonialists were established, and almost the last stronghold of colonialism in the world.

But a long European "acquaintance" From Goa November 25, 1510 g., When the Portuguese Commander of Alfonso D’ElBuquerque first stepped on the top of the hill covered with green grass, from where he opened a view of the mandodhodi river and fertile fields. The river solemnly carried its waters somewhere in the distance, for the horizon. D’Evabuquerque glanced down, where the thick clubs of smoke hung and seal the mast galleons were visible, – the battle’s place is still hot "breathing" battle. The battle was brutal and bloody, but she won – the enemy is defeated. Copper bombards turned the old capital to the ruins. D’Labuquerque felt an extraordinary tide of the Force: now he became the most frequent owner of this land, in honest battle took her at Sultan Bijapur Yusa Fa Adil-Khan.

Overweight. Suddenly the commandman remembered that today is St. Catherine. Yes, it is undoubtedly his day. From excess feelings, he keen knees and thanked the holy for the mercy, which she sent him. He commanded his subordinate to build the temple in this place in her honor – the first Christian church in Goa.

Portuguese, sailing here in search of particularly appreciated at the time of exotic spices, so they delayed almost five centuries here, turning the fertile land into the main center of their Asian possessions. Conquistadors crushing the mosques of previous conquerors and temples of local gods Shiva and Vishnu, Ilicate Ganesh and Chernolik Cali, but the local population stubbornly lied incense on the altars elapsed by ancestors. Even the courts of the Holy Inquisition and the Truscy of Jesuit’s Fathers did not break the spirit of this people – so far, in centuries, many of the inhabitants of Goa are still Hinduism, and not Christianity. Although the followers of Jesus are still a lot. When traveling along the coast, it seems sometimes, as if you are somewhere on the Mediterranean – the chapels, houses weathered in the Christian style. But, Looking around, still you understand: No, before you it is Goa – unique and unique Goa.

Only in 1961. Portuguese gone from here. True, passed another 14 years before the former colonialists recognized Goa part of Indian territory. But india call this land somehow does not turn. There is something else – a mixture of Indian and European cultures has absorned unique color than the epoch. Modern population of Goa – a carrier of this mixed culture.

The first tourists in Goa will be the challenges of the European-Hippie Europeans who regularly "broken out" Here since the late 60s – early 70s – some of them have been downtown in these parts, still live here and contain their own entertaining and nutritious eating. In those days, instead of now famous resorts were only solid virgin beaches and small villages. But everything has changed. Imagine advertising chocolates with coconut filling: filled with crowds of hairy hippie tempting beaches, only without dazzling beauties. Goa Police did not particularly annoy. It was possible to do everything that he wants, – smoking herbs, listen to music, meditate, keep fashionable at the time of the conversations about aura, nirvana. The attitude of the local population is favorable. But even more, the psychedelic atmosphere, which was literally impregnated by the air Goa. They felt special energy in these parts. Returning to the Motherland, they told their friends and acquaintances about a wonderful place, where palm trees literally bathe in the ocean, and the air sparkles the extraction energy. Rumors, as they say, the land is full: Gradually, Goa became a refinery for Frikov, Rock-stars, travelers of all the masters, all sorts of hunters for luck who began to live here according to the laws of one ancient mantra, reeigned by them as "Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll".

This today from Russia to India is increasingly driving those who do not have time to translate. And from Europe and America in Goa, mostly people came to the poor, because here you can live and in the open sky. By the way, today in Goa amazing low-cost service and nutrition – for some vegetables and fruits can not be paid at all because of their abundant growth in the local edges. And – almost complete absence of crime. So they reached off to the coast "Light" lovers of idle, carefree life and forever warm ocean. Mass parties began in Goa around the beginning of the 70s. First played the so-called "Rock gang", Then the punk time came. At the end of the eighties, sunny land heard techno. Soon there appeared and the Goa Trans, which can be considered some symbiosis of various musical styles. Goa gradually becomes the birthplace of all psychedelic illusions and insane fantasies. Add here more and ancient Indian tradition "Extensions" Consciousness with the help of hallucinogens during meditative rituals – and even the one who does not understand anything in the trance, can approximately imagine what these parties were like. The mix of music, meditation and chemistry gave a kind of ideological soil.

But Goa-Trans is still significantly different from other dance music. How? First of all, the fact that the very idea of ​​trance is the monotonous repetition of one signal at equal intervals. The human brain is abstract from the surrounding reality, that is, it enters the trans – subjective reality.

So in Goa, trance fans began. Where they passed? Yes everywhere! If only away from the foci of civilization. For example, on the ocean, in a picturesque place among palm trees, in an ancient temple or in the bamboo forest, and, even, in the desert – away from the coast. Immediately imagine – Darkness, even if Magic Music is jumped with might and main, and a huge amount of fluorescent shadows move everywhere. Glow and play glare only clothes – it earned a stroboscope. People move – each in his personal dance. Someone just melted on earth, "digging in his own essence". Music itself sounds rather gloomy, but, according to her fans, it acts positively, although it creates a certain intense atmosphere of waiting for the event of an universal scale, something like a collision of galaxies. Similar emotional background has music from some ancient mystical traditions, for example, Shivati ​​mantras or Tibetan throat singing. The sound row of the Goa Transe is the extended, tightly saturated effects of synthesizers, similar to the crosses of chitin wings of cosmic insects, imposed on the monotonous (120-140 beats per minute), with lifting, rhythm. By definition of one criticism of the Goa Tranx, is "Meditation of smashing computers". But the transraces object: they say, at such parties, they seem to have fun in the energy flux, they are felt literally to all. And even if at a certain point, the brain says "stop", the body still continues to dance. At this time, a person does not even feel pain, because it is in a deep trance – music is already "He took him away" from everyday reality and fully controls consciousness.

However, the most admirers of Goatrans believe that in such moments, all negative is replaced by positive. How else? They make a magic journey to infinity. Bodies meet each single impact of music, they are lost in it, wanting more. Spiritual and energy content – the main difference between goa-trance from other dance styles. Suddenly, fakirs appear, people crowd around them, illuminated by fiery balls, flying into the air. The most emotional moment comes at dawn. Melody is faulting. Goa-Translasts are impulsively twitching with smiles frozen on faces. Everyone is happy. Many of those who fall on Goa-Trans for the first time, have some shock. Suddenly, suddenly waking up, they see that most of the so-called "Dance floor" – This is often not very young people: a lot of aunt, which has long been crossed by the Balzakovsky age, and unheedchek – bearded old men. But at the same time a peasant is not just a peasant, he has plenty of ears (and not only!), it is all in special tattoos and in fluorophobees, which are glowing by demonic light. And the aunts are evaluated so that they may even envy the graduates of the Sports Dance School.

Today, on Goa transrase, though not translated, but they became a little less than in the early 90s. Now Europeans come here for other pleasures – there are already enough them here. And the music of Goa Transe is true of his admirers can find on the CD. If, of course, very try. Although the unforgettable atmosphere of Goa Transe is only here.

However, if you have a desire and mood to get on "Pati" transserters, it is not necessary to ask about this that the bluffing seems to be without a police officer – these "Pati" Until recently, officially in India were prohibited. Only a few years ago, the first state venues for GOA-trance lovers appeared. Finding the gathering of transcertors is not so hard: carefully look at the evening to the most familiar public. Surely among it will be discovered at least one "Eligible" The tracer is the appearance of it somewhat inadequate to our idea of ​​the appearance of a normal person. Yes! Still translates sometimes in the evening love to be crammed into their drums, calling the people, if it is, of course, not a highly regular party. Look where the flow goes, it means there and you can stup. They do not take money for participation in the event. "Skills" is free.

Paradise bush goa

In the past two decades, Goa is reminded by Indian Hawaii, sparkling on a tourist map among the best sea resorts in the world. Here with unprecedented perseverance, everything goes and rides a multiliastic folk, thirsting to enjoy not only the charms of fashionable "Resort", but also to join an ancient culture. Yes, and the resorts themselves on the coast, that they became particularly violently developed in recent years, they differ very different from Indian. To admire goa, it needs to be seen. Get acquainted with the surprisingly beautiful people who keeps with dignity and underlined independence, which, however, does not prevent him from being open and friendly. Rarely can be seen in the crowd of a person who are not illuminated by a cheerful white-taste smile – all of them are friendly and good-natured. And soon you catch yourself thinking that you smile without any reason. They say something similar to Hogen, first seen Tahiti. Typical Gown Landscape: a rice field surrounded by cozers of coconut and nut palm trees, a mango pigland, where inconspicuous trees are hiding in the shade, on which spiny mysterious Durian grows right on the trunk. And around – a real tropical paradise. In winter and summer the same heat, and the bathing season lasts since October and until May.

Goa fade long, sunflowed beaches – their over forty. They stretched out on a good hundred miles, a wide golden strip lie between white surf foam and huge palm trees on the sea breeze. When you look at the shore with a luxurious walking yacht, you see how the reflection of palm groves in turquoise water is moving out with bright white highlights – modern hotels are buried along the entire coast. Around – idyllic peace.

At the homeland of the teacher of Count Monte Cristo

Festivals Goa became famous for the whole of India. Annual holiday of light and funny carnivals in Don Paula, Gaspar Diaz and Siridao attract thousands of tourists from different countries here. ours have yet been known about this, because they discovered the resorts of Goa recently. But the situation is changing and, perhaps, soon, many of our compatriots will appreciate the multicolored fireworks over a black mirror of the night lagoon, dancing under the guitar in beautiful gardens and masquerades on Avenida-to-Bracil along the embankment of the Mandai. All holidays – charming, sparkle relaxed fun and friendliness! And around as many beautiful girls!

What to say, a lot of amazing is on the ancient land of the Golden Goa. Indeorated Hindu temples of Mangoshi and Mahals, Muslim Jam Masjid, surrounded by thickets of bananas and papaya. Impressive, not inferior to Lisbon, cathedrals built by Portuguese architects. A quiet delegation breathe curves and squares with fountains, with white houses under pink tiled. It is impossible not to admire magnificent beaches: Miramar, where the purest sands sparkle frosty dust, the calangutom near Panangja and Kollya near the Marmagan, over which bundled in the wind of the aggregated curved harp palm trees.

Goa is a place where everyone finds an occupation to your taste and temperament. Distract from relaxing on the coast, noisy discos and exotic restaurants will help travel in Lono Wildlife, where you can not only get acquainted with a variety of local flora and fauna, but also with these customs. Unforgettable cruises on rivers Mandasi and Zuari. Beautiful Hindu temples are in the mountains. It is better to get there on jeep. Or maybe you wish to visit the magnificent waterfall Dadsadar and swim in his purest water? Please!

With love do not joke

By the way, Goa was chosen for himself not only. Do not mind to get down here and the public of another sense. For example, the so-called "Bonobonists" Sometimes they indulge in their attention these blessed places.

What is bonobo? This new way in America, the doctrine relies on "animal" theme. Bonobo – Monkeys, whose homeland is considered Zaire, and the meaning of life – carnal pleasures. The dominant role in the flock is occupied by females, they constantly seduce males – they say it reduces the aggressiveness of the latter, makes them more peaceful and calm, finally. The females also distribute food, highlighting the best servings to the males, and then satisfy them on the first requirement. Envy and jealousy of these creatures are unknown! Bonobo’s phenomenon presented as a gift to Western society Biologist Franz de Waal. He issued a fundamental work on the coin-loving monkeys, which are the only in the animal world – apply for copulation pose "face to face", By making sex by the universal language, which allows wise primates to avoid conflicts. So some people took on "Armament" Principles Bonobo. As a rule, these are young people without unnecessary complexes – she is going to large teams on vacation, where daily "serene" communicates with each other on the principle of bonobo. Arising disputes or just mutual desires allow the only right way – the making love where the desire arose. Bonobonists believe that it is necessary to live in such a way that in order not to ride into the bottomless abyss, to which modern civilization is going with its globalism, violence and environmental pollution. Unwittingly asked the question, looking at the frills of monkey fans who are not jealous of each other, live, as they say, the soul is in the soul, completely devoid of hostility towards the world around the world, – what else needs a person to at least distract from the Move of Civilization? Goa is just that place where the like that does not seem like something blatant and ugly. Here your own, peculiar harmony of nature, revealing in man all the best and kind. What about the morality, say? Yes, throw! Moral after all, too, in humans. What about security? Bonobists and thought it – they only have a safe sex.

In our society, the man has to be fighting like gladiator, on the grave field of a market economy, "Breaking ridges" Competitors to get a kush and throw it to the legs of their Madame in exchange for response feelings. And male bonobo food and sex get out without much effort. What to swear or fists wave from such a lifetime? Sing yourself on the palm and enjoy! Of course, their climate is different – tropical! Stretched out his hand – banana, stretched out another – mango. It’s not our elderberry with rowan!

If you bring to soak in the pleasant shadow of Goa in the company of bonoboists, then maybe you will gradually reach the understanding of the essence of advanced primates. After all, Goa is a separate world with whitewash blue sky luxurious hotels, well-groomed villages of Portuguese style, snow-white domes crowned with crosses of cathedrals, leisurely Goa and Galvanous tourists who drive on motorcycles around Anjuna, Caustangut, Charirap and Betula.

Along the beaches of Goa a lot and wooden buttles selling the gifts of the sea, – lobsters, mackerels, and, of course, cool Indian beer "TELLOW". Variety and refinement of evaches – state glory. This is a real paradise for gourmets, indulgent under the gentle overflows of a guitar, mixing with the exciting rustle of waves and ringing popular melodies of Mando – love songs. Without visiting the centers of Ayurveda holidays on Goa will be incomplete. Traditional Indian medicine on ancient recipes works wonders. The course of the healing massage of Panchakarma delivers many old sores. It is known that Ayurveda treats the whole organism as a whole, removing the cause of the disease itself. The purpose of treatment is the strengthening of the immune system, the prevention and eradication of diseases with natural medicines – herbs, plant leaves having healing properties. However, listing all the treasures of Goa is impossible. It is worth visiting this wonderful place to see once, love forever.

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