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Astana as a summer holiday option

Astana as a summer holiday option

Did you think at least once to visit Astana, planning your vacation? Most likely no. Persistent confidence that there is nothing to see – this is the main reason for the refusal of such a trip. After all, the capital of Kazakhstan Astana became quite recently, and besides numerous shopping and business complexes, even if the ultra-modern, there was nothing. However, the received new status forced the city authorities to reconsider their attitude to the cultural and entertainment part of the city, sending financing for the construction of cult and incredibly beautiful structures. Now hotels in Astana rarely experience the lack of visitors. What you can take yourself in this heart of Kazakhstan?

Where should I go first?

A peculiar business card of the city is the Baiterek Tower, the height of which is more than 100 meters. In order to figure 97 (the year of the proclamation of Astana with the capital) entered the story, it was on the 97th floor of the structure that a modern observation deck with telescopes was equipped. Everyone has unobstructed access to the starry sky. Also worth a look at the night city from the height of the flight of birds.

Astana as a summer holiday option

The whole cultural and entertainment life of Astana "boils" in the Palace of Jastar. This is a building consisting of four floors, Rado takes both residents of the city and visitors. It is possible to have fun in the center of Duman, on the territory of which aquateater, a cinema hall, and a dome space with copies of world attractions posted in it: Statues of Liberty, Great Wall, Galicarnas Mausoleum and so on.

It is in Astana that one of a kind of open-air museum, and an ethnopark at the same time, "Map of Kazakhstan – Atameken". It can admire the unique combination of glass, steel, concrete and granite, which demonstrates the Mosque of Nur-Astana. Her four minaret, elegantly sparkling on the background of an ideal blue sky involuntarily inspired thoughts about something high and spiritual. In addition, Astana Hotel will delight you with excellent service, delicious national cuisine and all the benefits of civilization.

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