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As a plane crash affect tourism

As a plane crash affect tourism

On May 19, at night, the Egyptair Egyptair company, flying to Cairo from Paris, disappeared with radar over the Mediterranean Sea. The plane fell into the sea in 290 km from Egyptian Alexandria. There were 66 passengers on board, citizens of 12 countries. The version of the terrorist attack is considered.

Experts of the tourism industry express different opinions about how such incidents can affect and already affect the desire of people to fly and on the tourist sphere as a whole.

Punch on tourism

The latest serious incident that instantly put up the impressive segment of world tourism from the heads on the head was the wreck of Airbus A321 over Sinai, when he was driving from Sharm-El Sheikh to St. Petersburg our tourists. Then 224 people died.

Events that followed this catastrophe can be called unprecedented. ours in mass order independently began to give up recreation in Egypt. Those our citizens who were in Egyptian resorts were online returned to their homeland, and their baggage for safety flew by individual cargo flights.

Another few days later, the aviation communication with Egypt was officially suspended unilaterally, so that even the most fearless flights to Egypt could no longer. Most of the simple tourists themselves passed the trips to Egypt and went on holidays in other places. It was a crushing blow to the tourist industry of Egypt, given how many tourists from the our Federation annually visited the country. But it was only the beginning.

Sale of tours to Egypt began to suspend other countries. This is primarily Germany and the United Kingdom, which, along with Russia, were the main «Suppliers» Tourists in the country.

As a result, for the first three months of the current year, Egypt’s revenues from tourism collapsed three times – up to 500 million. US dollars from previous 1.5 billion. US dollars. Eyewitnesses talk about the empty most popular resorts of Sharm-El-Sheikh and Hurghada. Close stores, entertainment institutions, diving centers. Hotels are filled barely to a third, and some will not be banned and closed. For example, in the same charm in December last year from 230 hotels closed 50. This is completely catastrophic statistics.

«By-effect» All these events have become a significant reduction in the cost of rooms in Egyptian hotels. So, for example, in Sharm-El-Sheikh, it is quite possible to find a room in a 5-star hotel with a system «all inclusive» at a price of about 4 thousand. rubles per day for two. In Hurghad, all the same can be found more cheaper. However, they went up by a little more than a quarter flights, and to get to Egypt now falls with transfers due to a ban on direct flight utility. Thus, for a week of rest in Egypt, you can save 60 thousand for two. rubles.

Nevertheless, our tourists so far without enthusiasm consider Egyptian directions not least through the complexity arising. ours who are accustomed to full service do not want to languish at airports in transplants, independently solve transfer issues and other problems of organizational nature. In the usual order in Egypt, travel companies of Kazakhstan and Belarus continue to carry, but fill in the resorts of the country’s pyramids to them, of course, are not under.

Rule 10 percent

Despite how dramatic for the Egyptian tourist industry was the consequences of the company’s liner «Kogalymavia», In the usual practice of the plane crash is far from such a crushing effect on specific directions. Mostly the demand for tickets is restored in a matter of weeks after an accident.

For example, crash «Boeing» Flydubai, flying to Rostov-on-Don from Dubai, first caused a decline in the demand of the emirate direction, but then he quickly returned to the previous level.

As a plane crash affect tourism

As PR-director of Aviasales Janis Dzyenis said, immediately after the catastrophe in Rostov, the number of requests for flights Russia-Dubai fell by 16%, but the number of ticket requests specifically Rostov-on-Don – Dubai, no matter how paradoxically, has grown on a total background in half two times.

According to Dzenis, in such cases a peculiar «Rule of ten percent», When, after a loud incident, buying activity drops by 10% (on average), and literally after a couple of days, traffic is completely restored.

The fall of interest in one or another air routes can be associated not only with loud aviation incidents, but also as a whole with any negative news about one or another place of potential recreation.

For example, after Brussels terrorist attacks were assumptions about the upcoming serious decline in sales of vouchers to the European Union. our travel agencies did not even exclude the full closure of a number of tours. However, from among the tourists themselves, only units were completely abolished, and the recession, though there was a place, but was episodic temporary character and ended quickly.

As for those plane crash, where citizens of Russia are not among the victims, such incidents in no way affect the activity of buyers of airline tickets. Nearest example – The situation with the Malaysian disappeared situation in 2014 «Boeing», Who flew to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur, as well as the collapse of the German Airbus A320-211 in the spring of 2015 in France. In these cases, the our demand for flights by the airplanes of Germanwings and Malaysia Airlines has not changed in any way.

As for how quickly the demand will be restored after the fall of Egyptair’s liner in Cairo from Paris, opinions differ, but something definite is still early. What can be said more or less confident, so this is what Egyptair is unlikely to lose a lot of our customers.

According to the results of the research conducted this year by Nielsen, about 2% of all our tourists go to Egypt with tourist purposes. If we are identified in this share those who were going to use the services of Egyptair, then their number will be in general within the statistical error.

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