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Art travel in the ability to change plans

Art travel in the ability to change plans

Hey! Now we are on the island of Samui, who in Thailand. We see a curtain made of awning from the tent. And the coconut palm trees are visible. And on the ceiling, the scene of the hunting of a heckon on a moth.

You have long been friends? Ernest Hemingui said that you need to travel only with those who love. How did you decide to travel together, how it happened that your desires coincided?

Everyone who loves, I didn’t get on the journey – too much people comes out. Traveling together. We accidentally met back in 2006. After that, about 7 years have not seen each other, and in 2013 again they met in Perm again, they talked and realized that we have common interests, and we both want to travel. So after a couple of months, we decided to quit everything and go travel.

We have similar hobbies. We love to live, love to ride a skate and snowboard and love to shoot it all on camera.

Why did you go to Asia? Why can not be free in your homeland?

Our choice fell on Asia, because there is relatively cheap, eternal summer, surfing, and everything is very different from what we are accustomed to in Russia! You can be free everywhere: in your homeland or in the original corner of the planet, people themselves establish their borders of freedom.

What do you do in Asia?

We are guided by the motto "Livi, Katay, take off", and also open something new and interesting (food, nature, attractions, people and experience).

You lead a group of VKontakte about your adventures. Who is your reader who follows your chronicles?

So far, the bulk is friends and acquaintances, but there are also subscribers from other cities and countries that are gradually becoming more and more. We very much hope that people like what we do.

Art travel in the ability to change plans

What are your future plans?

Make money to move on. Visit some more Asian countries. To go in the mountains, ride snowboards in India. In general, I will reply quote from the film "Art Travel": "The art of traveling is to change the plans".

What is the most important travel?

In the journey, the main thing – the feeling of what you live, and not just exist.

Love to the north and mines as incentive to travel

County Mountains and Writer Ivan Kuznetsov – that we are everywhere at home

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