Archive Resort Limassol in Cyprus

[Archive] Resort Limassol in Cyprus

Limassol – the second in population of the city of Cyprus, but in its economic, cultural and business meaning, it is probably the first on the island. The city has the main port of the southern coast, representative offices of the largest Cypriot companies are concentrated. Recall that Cyprus is an offshore zone, so the grandiose capital flows through his business platforms.

As you know, the resorts differ in specialization, assortment of entertainment, options for excursions and beach holidays. In this regard, Limassol can be called a universal resort. Elderly couples, and young families with children, businessmen will be comfortable to feel comfortable, and young people will be able to rest after heavy negotiations, and youth companies will always find places where you can "refrain".


Limassol is found in the middle of the southern coast of Cyprus, approximately equal to the distance from Larnaca International Airports and Paphos. If you do not buy a batch tour, and travel yourself, then in the travel budget it is worth considering the cost of transport.

Cyprus’s transport connection is well established, so the main thing is to decide on the budget – whether you are renting a car, go on the bus or pay five times more for a taxi. Actual information about routes, prices and schedules can always be viewed on the website of the Limassol transport municipal company – Emel.

Helpful advice

If you are traveling to Cyprus for a long time – for recreation, business, rental or shopping at home, we recommend to get acquainted with the site of the municipality of Limassol. It has a our-speaking option. It houses urban news, schedules of events and world famous Limassol festivals, information on tours, as well as a lot of useful for those who arrived in the city with business goals – data on tax rates, tenders, changes in legislation.

It is useful to know a variety of city details, it helps to navigate in various situations. It is always useful to have a local SIM card, be able to call the police, ask the way. In Limassol, there are quite a lot of our-speaking residents, but to expect that you will always talk to you, it is not worth. It will be useful at least minimal knowledge of English. Most popular mobile operator in Cyprus – CYTA Vodafone. Using their SIM cards can be significantly saved on calls to Russia.

Device of the city

The city center on the arc envelopes Archbishop’s Avenue of the Third Archbishop – First President of Cyprus. Where it begins – Eneerios Beach area is a city business center. The offices of the largest banks, legal and shipping companies, the most luxurious hotels and business centers, the Archaeological Museum and the National Archive are concentrated here. Nearby on the seashore, there is loved by both adults and children Limassol Zoo.

Along the coast stretches the prospect October 28 – the favorite place of walks of citizens and tourists. Along it is the first line of urban hotels. The city is built enough tight enough, there is a lot of commercial real estate in it, so renting the car, you need to consider the difficulty of parking.

The feature of Limassol is a lot of little streets, which, among other things, can have exactly the same names, so when driving around the city or travel on a taxi, we strongly recommend always to have a map of the city, where the hotel or place of residence is celebrated.

City beaches pebble, a little unusual gray with a lot of algae. Tourists for whom small white sand and sky blue water is better to choose not in Limassol, but in Protaras on the east coast. The rest of the beach holiday in Limassol is very comfortable, municipal beaches are free. Since the sand strip is quite narrow numerous bars and restaurants are very near vacationers.

Accommodation and nutrition

Archive Resort Limassol in Cyprus

As already mentioned, Limassol is a universal resort, so everyone here chooses housing and food for themselves. Here you can find everything: stay in presidential suite or install a tent on the outskirts of the city, ordering dishes of any kitchen of the world with wines from any vineyards or limited to fast food, the tourist industry of the city takes into account any tastes and requests. As experience shows, Cypriots greeding do not suffer and there are significant portions in any institution, so it is often convenient to take one dish for two to try all goodies and not overpay.

Excursions, Entertainment and Nightlife

Limassol is almost equidistant from the main interesting places in Cyprus. It is convenient to arrange a base for excursion trips to Nicosia, Paphos, Larnaca or Famagust. Regarding the last excursion you need to know that the city of Famagusta, once the famous "Star" resort, declining, is located on the Turkish part of Cyprus and, following there, you need to be attentive and careful not to break any laws.

Another less famous tour in Cyprus is a trip to the Mountain Array of Troodos, where the highest mountain island -Impt is rich. In the summer you can adversely in love with amazing mountain views, small waterfalls, visit small Orthodox monasteries, buy rustic souvenirs in the surrounding villages. And for three winter months, skiers come to Troodos. Mine descents here have different complexity and length, so they are of interest to athletes and lovers of any qualification.

In Limassol, several festivals are held annually. The most famous of them are New Year’s and wine, which is carried out after harvesting.

Archaeological monuments in the city a little. History and antiquity lovers are more interesting to attend the birthplace of Aphrodites – the city of Paphos or Nicosia with its numerous museums. Near the city you can visit the Fortress Colossi – the Grand Construction of the Times of Crusades, remembering Richard Lion Heart, Hospitallers, Templars, Venetians and Turks. In the vicinity of the castle, the most famous Cypriot wine – Commandaria.

At night, life in Limassol clubs is also rapidly, as day in business centers. In the city there are enough golden places of various classes, but to visit them better after all with an experienced conductor who knows suitable places and local customs.

Extreme entertainment lovers should also know that the border of the city of Limassol is adjacent to the territory of the British Naval Base of Akrotiri, which is part of the UK territory. Any penetration on its territory is deliberate or by negligence can lead to unpleasant communication with the British Military Police.

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