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[Archive] Big Mosque Sheikh Zaid in Abu Dhabi

One of the two mosques in which Nemusulman is allowed in the UAE, this is a big mosque Sheikh Zaid Ben Sultan Al Najiana in Abu Dhabi. This construction was built as a demonstration of the strength and wealth of the United Arab Emirates, as a Muslim state. Believe me, there is something to see.

Many guides tell that this is the biggest mosque in the world. It’s not the case, a big Sheikh Zaid Mosque is really the biggest in the UAE, but on world standards, it may not enter into the first ten. The biggest mosque is in Mecca, and where else should it be? Mosque Maszid Al-Haram in Mecca, in Saudi Arabia accommodates up to 4 million praying, compare with 40 thousand in the UAE.

But this mosque in the UAE set many records, the word "most" became key in construction and improvement. Records inside you will see a lot.

The mosque wears the name of the founder and the first President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Emirate Abu Dhabi Zaid Ben Sultan Al Najiana. He is buried next to the big mosque, the place of its burial can also be visited.

Get here the easiest way to taxi. Entrance to the mosque and tours of the mosque are free.

Excursions are held according to the following schedule:

From Sundays on Thursday: 10-00, 11-00 and 17-00.

Friday: 17-00 and 20-00.

On Saturday: 10-00, 11-00, 17-00 and 20-00.

English tours. But if you do not own English, then there is no point. It is important to remember that tourists are allowed at a time when prayers are not held. Great Sheikh Zaid Mosque is, first of all, a religious institution. Prayer time to predict is very difficult, time is "tied" to the dawn and sunset. To choose the right time, we recommend focusing on the schedule of excursions above.

Visual instructions on how to dress at the entrance to the mosque, see below.

We will decipher and translate all these inscriptions.

Inside the mosque, it is impossible: screaming or loudly talking, smoking, rushing food or drinks and you need to turn off mobile phones.

Clothing rules for men. Clothes should be completely, or almost completely close the legs, the top of the clothing proper closer shoulders. We recommend pants and T-shirts (not a shirt), as the easiest option that does not contradict the rules.

Women at the entrance give special black clothes with a hood, the only thing you need to take care in advance is about modest shoes, the easier, the better.

After entering the larger mosque Sheikh Zaid’s eyes just "run out" from the luxury of her decoration. We describe the most interesting inside the mosque so that the tourists understand what they look and what all this means.

The first thing worth paying attention is the floor that you have under your feet. 17,400 square meters of color marble. This is the largest marble mosaic in the world. Looking around, you will see four minaret (towers in the corners). Minarets have a height of 107 meters. Traditionally, minarets were used to call believers on prayer. A special minister of the mosque, whose name is Muzzin, rose to the minaret and called for prayer with a special song. Now, of course, Muzzins from the minarets of the Big Mosque Sheikh Zaid do not sing, for this, the speakers are used, the speakers are installed at the top.

In the Big Mosque Sheikh Zaid 82 dome. The principle of cladding of all elements of the mosque, including the dome and minarets, can be designated as: "Marble, dear marble and very expensive marble". Everything is lined with expensive marble varieties. The highest quality varieties, Aquabian and Biano from Italy, green mines and white east of China, Macchanna from India, Sivets, from Macedonia and Las from Italy, were selected.

The next miracle that you should see is the world’s largest carpet. Carpet area 5,600 square meters, weight 47 tons. This is a carpet of the fabric in Iran, two years old worried about 1200 weavers.

In the main chamber, which is designed for 7,000 believers, you can see the following miracle, it is 96 pillars lined with marble and pearl, very beautiful spectacle.

Archive Big Mosque Sheikh Zaid in Abu Dhabi

Next important cultural landmarks of the Big Shayha Mosque Zaid is a wall Kibla. This attraction is rarely noticed, most of our tourists simply do not know what it is. During prayer you need to be facing Mecca. The Wall of Kibla points out the praying where Mecca is located, this wall is called "Michrab".

On the wall there are all 99 names of God (or the properties of God), found in the Quran. Calligraphy of the inscriptions Developed the famous Arabic Calligrapher Mohammed Al-Tami Mandy. Note that the wall is glowing. This illumination system is based on optical fiber.

Next to the main challenge there are several more, including two are intended for women only. The next record of the mosque is chandeliers. The chandelier of the main chandelier at the time of construction was the largest in the world. 12 tons weighing 15 meters high and 10 meters in diameter. Chandeliers are decorated with gold and crystals Swarovski.

There is a library in the mosque to which most of our tourists simply do not reach. It is located near the northeast minaret. The religious books are stored here on many languages, some very valuable and rare. The collection was collected throughout the Arab world. It has been officially stated that everyone can use the library, including tourists. We can not say it or not, we did not try something to ask to read there.

Great Sheikh Zaid Mosque is very popular with tourists, in 2012 it was visited by 3,300,000 people, these are only tourists. That is, every third tourist coming to the United Arab Emirates, visits this place.

We talked about the most interesting in the mosque. Outside, too, there is a lot of interesting things.

Pools with water are located around the mosque. For pools, a special lighting system has been created, which changes their color depending on the lunar month phase.

Outside, you can see the place of rest of the first president of Zaid Ben Sultan Al Najiana.

It is very modest, despite all the wealth of the United Arab Emirates, there is no huge mausoleum here, just a modest grave, which is considered in the UAE a very important place.

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Archive Big Mosque Sheikh Zaid in Abu Dhabi

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